Insta360 Chest Strap


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Insta360 Chest Strap


Compatibility: X3, ONE RS (1-Inch 360 excluded), GO 2, ONE X2, ONE R

  • Capture epic first person shots completely hands-free.
  • Adjustable and comfortable non-slip design.
  • GO 2 must be assembled with the Action Mount Adapter.


Insta360 Chest Strap

Insta360 Chest Strap - Comfy and secure

Insta360 Chest Strap - Horizontal and vertical shot switching


In the Box:

1x Chest Strap

1x Mount Extension

1x ¼” Mount Adapter

2x ¼” Thumb Screw




PC ( Polycarbonate ) and other plastics


How to Use:

  1. Adjust the Chest Strap to a comfortable position. Rotate the mount to ensure it is facing in the shooting position.
  2. Unlock the lock buckle ‘1’, and wear the Chest Strap by fitting it over your head and shoulder, then locking the buckle back into place. Tighten to a comfortable fit as needed.
  3. Install the camera ( sold separately ) to the mount on the Chest Strap using the included ¼” Thumb Screw.

Tip: To remove the Chest Strap correctly, unlock both buckles ‘1’ and ‘2’. After removal, lock the buckles ‘1’ and ‘2’ back into place.

Insta360 Chest Strap instructions