Insta360 X3 Bike Bundle


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Insta360 X3 Bike Bundle


Kit Includes:
Extension Pole: This light, portable 16.4 cm extension connects the ONE R/ONE X/ONE to your helmet and lets you capture all of the action — ahead of you, behind you, and on all sides.
Chest Strap: Perfect for hands-free capture of all the action in front of you. With an adjustable shoulder strap.
Handlebar Mount: Mounts easily to your handlebar, so that you can capture everything in front of you AND all of your reactions. The handlebar mount must be connected directly to the camera. It cannot be used with other extensions or selfie sticks.

Capture your next ride from every angle at once. Perfect for cycling, mountain biking, BMX, and motorcycling.


In the Box

1x Handlebar Mount

1x Chest Strap

4x Anti-slip Ring

2x Double-sided Foam Adhesive Pad

1x Mount Extension

3x 1/4" to 2-prong Adapter

5x 3-prong to 1/4" Adapter

5x Thumb Screw


  1. The handlebar mount with the rubber insert fits 0.8–1.6cm (0.32–0.63in) diameter tubes. The handlebar mount without the rubber insert fits 2.2–3.5cm (0.87–1.38in) diameter tubes. Do not use the handlebar mount with cameras weighing over 300g (10.58oz).
  2. The handlebar mount should only be attached to the bike's handlebar or seat post. Please do not use it with other extensions or selfie sticks.
  3. The recommended maximum speed when using the handlebar mount and chest strap is 60km/h (37mph) on even surfaces. Avoid using products on uneven or bumpy surfaces.
  4. Do not use the chest strap with cameras weighing over 250g (8.8oz).
  5. Use the included 1/4" mount adapters to attach cameras according to their mount. Stick the anti-slip rings firmly to the screw points.