Leopard Power LiHV 8000mAh 35C 15.2V battery - Splashdrone 3+ Battery Upgrade

Leopard Power

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Leopard Power LiHV 8000mAh 15.2V battery for Splashdrone 3+


Increase the flight time of your Splashdrone 3+

SplashDrone 4 plus Battery upgrade

1. Automatic stacking technology and Nano Tech enables single-cell minimum capacities of 8000mAh, higher C rate, high energy density, stable performance.
2. Extreme low internal resistance guarantee by advanced ultrasonic welding technology, pack Internal Resistance at 7Ω.
3. Matching cells for a battery pack by computer, ensure that 5mV maximum for voltage difference and 50mAh maximum for cell capacity difference.
4. Each cell has its individual QR-Code as identity, it is recording all information by our OCV System.


LiPo Battery Specifications:

Type: High Voltage Li-Polymer Battery
Model No.: 8000mah/15.2V/35C
Minimum Capacity: 8000mAh Configuration: 4S / 15.2V / 4 Cells Continuous
Discharge Current: 35C(280A) Burst Discharge Current (10 sec): 70C(560A)
Charge Rate: 1-2C(max.5C) Pack
Internal Resistance: 7Ω Pack Voltage for shipment: 15.34V
Pack Size: L 136 x W 43 x H 45.5mm
Pack Weight: 586g