Walkera DEVO F12E

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Walkera Devo F12E –  2.4GHZ 12 Channel FPV Radio Transmitter with Integrated 5.8GHZ Video Receiver, Adjustable 13cm LCD Screen & Screen Hood

The Devo F12E is a 2.4GHZ 12 Channel Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Technology (DSSS), micro computer radio transmitter system, with an integrated 5.8GHZ video receiver & one of the largest integrated LCD screens on the market. It is the same radio transmitter as used throughout the entire Walkera UAV Range, and is one of Walkera/Devention’s flagship transmission systems.

Features include;

  • Transmission Range of Up To 1.5km
  • Integrated 5.8 GHZ Real Time Image Receiving w/ Telemetry Display
  • Integrated 13cm Adjustable LCD Screen for Live FPV w/ Light Shroud
  • DSSS – Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Technology
  • Smooth Motion Quadruple Bearing Stick Design
  • Side Orientated Twin Gimbal Control Dials
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Length & Tension Adjustable Sticks
  • USB Firmware Updatable System
  • Inter-Devo F12E Transmitters Training Function
  • Inter-Devo F12E Wireless UAV Setting / Data Transferring
  • DSC Socket for Connecting to Flight Simulator Programs
  • Save up to 30 Different UAV System Settings
  • Mode 1, 2, 3, 4 & Custom Flight Mode
  • Suitable for Multi-Rotors & Helicopters
  • Acrobatic or F3C Flight Capabilities
  • Telemetry Capabilities for Temperature, RPM, Speed, Altitude, Battery Life & GPS
  • Multi Language Selectable
  • Devo RX1202 12 Channel Receiver
  • Alarm Function
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