Mobius 2 ActionCam Full 1080p HD Action Sports Camera, Dash Cam, Car Cam. Bike Cam

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Mobius 2 ActionCam Full 1080p HD Action Sports Camera

Dash Cam, Car Cam. Bike Cam, Helmet Cam

The latest Mobius 2 is an excellent cost effective lightweight 1080p mini action camera.

With a wide angled lens packing a horizontal field of view of approx. 130 degrees of panoramic picture; a runtime of around 120 minutes officially supporting up to 64GB Micro SD memory card.


  • Full 1080p HD Action Sports Camera 
  • Rechargeable LIPO Battery (820mAh) lasts about 120mins. on full charge.
  • Video: 1080p FHD 30fps & 60fps, 720p HD 120fps, 60fps & 30fps, H.265 HEVC & H.264 AVC video  codec, .mp4 file format.
  • Photo: 2304 x 1536, 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, supports Time Lapse Photo Shooting
  • Angle of view at 1080p: 130deg. HFOV
  • MicroSD card slot, supports up to 64GB (memory  card sold separately)
  • USB2.0, plug and play, easy connection with computers, no driver needed.
  • Live TV video output while recording videos with the TV out cables (sold seperately)
  • Battery life on full charge: 120mins.
  • Dimensions: 65mm (L) x 37mm (W) x19mm (H)
  • Weight: 46g

The camera has the following settings for current firmware:

  • Set the correct date and time.
  • Set the video resolution and frame rate for Video Mode 1 and  2.
  • Set Photo Size
  • Set Time Lapse photo shooting (from 0.25s to 60s, note: 2304x1536 starting from 1s a photo)
  • Video Clip length/Movie Cycle Time (3minutes, 5minutes, 10  minutes, 15 minutes, and max to 4GB)
  • Set loop recording On or Off (default is off)
  • Set time stamp on or off (default is on)
  • Mute the video sound if needed.
  • Rotate the video 180 degrees (when you use the camera  upside down, you will need to set it on)
  • Set the Movie qulity (Low, Standard, High, default is  Standard)
  • Set WDR (Wide/High Dynamic Range) on (default is off)
  • To avoid the camera powering on in your pocket, you can set the power on delay.
  • Auto power off waiting time.
  • Set Auto record on with power (helpful when using  Mobius as Driving recorder / Car Dash Camera)
  • Set the LED indicator light off if needed (default is  on).
  • If you use Android devices to set this camera, you should set charge from USB host off.
  • Set TV out video mode to 4:3 or 16:9.

You can edit the SYSCFG.txt to do the settings manually. It’s suggested using Isoprop’s great windows GUI. The simple and extremely user-friendly program is fully plug-and-play and includes an integrated User Manual.

As a rough guide for the card size approx. recording times for 1080p videos with a standard data rate are 32GB Card 4 hours 30 mins, 16GB 2 hours 15 mins, 8GB 1 hour 7 mins and  4GB  33 mins.

Package contains:

  • 1x Mobius 2 ActionCam
  • 1x Mounting Base with 1/4"-20 thread for tripod
  • 1x USB cable 400mm long
  • 1x Video Out cable
  • 1x Velcro Pad

User Manual: Mobius 2 ActionCam User Manual


You can also configure your Mobius using Thereau's utility listed below:

aMCA Mobius AC - Android Mobile Configuration Assistant for Mobius ActionCam, a fully automatic app for configuring the Mobius ActionCam, allows modifying the camera's configuration settings on-the-fly and formatting its MicroSD card directly on your Android device wherever you are, out in the field or at home.

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